Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teething solutions

I'm on the hunt for tricks to help Katryn! She's almost 4 months old now, and is in the throes of teething. It's turned my happy little girl into a screaming girl. I just don't know what to do and I need some advice from people who have been there! I'm not expecting her to get any teeth for another few months, but I've heard they move up and down, causing more pain at some times, than at others.

Any body have any tips? She won't really take her paci anymore, and prefers to just chomp on my fingers/knuckles. And boy howdy, do I mean CHOMP. I have some teething rings, but they say not to freeze them, so they don't stay cold very long.

I want my happy girl back!!!


Nancy Heiss said...

I put ice cubes in those little feeder thingies. Or just in a washcloth, tied up with a rubber band. Rachel LOVES to chew on ice. I had to hold it in her mouth when she was little, but now that she can do it alone, she does.

Also just a cold, wet washcloth helps.

Hylunds teething tablets seem to work for us (Yikes! Kim! I need to get those back to you--I only remember when I think about teething, which I haven't much lately because Rachel's been so happy this time around).

Bridget said...

We froze the teething rings anyway. It's one of those "our parents did it with us and we turned out fine" things.

Abra said...

freezees work really well too.

thebuchananfamily said...

Teething tablets worked the best for my kids. I love the teething tablets. The Orajel didn't work so well for my kids. Also you should try Gripe Water (you can find it at a Health Food Store), that helped a lot with my 9 month old and I am sure we will be using more of it considering she only has gotten her 2 bottom teeth so far.

Anonymous said...

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