Monday, April 12, 2010

why pumping stinks

I'm exclusively pumping right now. my baby is in the NICU, since he was born at 29weeks. He's now 4 weeks old and will probably be in the NICU for another month and 1/2 to 2 months. I starting pumping just a few hours after he was born. The night times are the hardest, it's one thing to get up and latch a baby on, but it's completely different to get up, assemble the parts of the pump, pump, then wash the parts, and store the milk in the freezer.

The other night I got up to pump, hooked the tubes to the pump and the cones and started pumping. a few minutes later, my lap feels wet.

Yeah, I forgot to attach the bottles to the pump. so the milk was just coming out and going nowhere. How embarrassing! At least I wasn't pumping somewhere else, just in my bed.

Sleep deprivation happens after you have a baby, whether or not that baby is home with you!! And that is why pumping stinks. At least with a baby I don't have to assemble them before feeding.


Julie said...

AGREED! No one that hasn't pumped to this extent couldn't possibly understand. We're over that now, but rough rough rough days!!

Meagan Shaw said...

Hang in there. I agree it's a nightmare! I'm at eight weeks of pumping and waiting for the baby to get on nursing! No one know how exhausting it is unless they've done it too. It will get better soon. Good luck!

Unknown said...

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