Friday, November 30, 2007

Because I just did this

My house is, by no means, clean. In is rather cluttered and messy. I'm working on it, alright!

I read a quote on the Richards' fridge when we were staying at their house. I liked it a lot. It says,

"Dull women have immaculate houses."

By definition then, I'm not dull. But I do try to do little things to keep my house neater.

For example, I somehow picked up the habit of dusting with old dryer sheets. Nothing big. Just on my way to the trash can I'll dust off a picture frame or part of the baseboards on the wall or the top of a door frame.

Dryer sheets apparently help keep dust from settling so I guess it's a good habit--at any rate it temporarily keeps a little part of my house less dusty.

I just finished folding the laundry and dusted the baseboard in the corner of our room by the garbage can. Now it looks pretty.


Abra said...

old dryer sheets can shine up the bathroom and kitchen taps very nicely too:) Good idea on the dusting though!

Bonnie Parks said...

both good ideas. who knew?