Friday, November 30, 2007

The Monthly Menu Bandwaggon

I really liked the idea of the monthly menu too so I have been working on mine since like 11:30 this morning. It takes me a long time because I always look through cookbooks as I don't have a ready repertoire of recipes in my head. And I always forget to write down the ones that I make that we end up liking. So I am often starting from scratch to decide what to make. Plus I made the grocery list as I found recipes to go on the menu. So here's my list (in case anyone wants to steal from it.) I can give recipes too. I asked Matt what he wanted for Christmas dinner, so that one was all him. I've never made Christmas dinner before, and this is our first Christmas to have at our own house with no extra family around.

3 Tuscn chicken and white beans
10 enichilada casserole
17 ladle-it-on lasagne
24 oven fried chicken
31 Italian tomato-herb chicken

4 tortilla pizzas
11 new mexican meatless chili
18 pizza beanburgers
25 mashed potatoes w/ velveeta, broccoli, parmesan chicken and angel hair pasta, alfredo sauce, fruit smoothies, asphalt pie

5 Bonnie: Enrichment, Matt: We'll figure something out.
12 funeral potatoes and maybe spaghetti
19 heartwarming chili
26 topsy-turvy beef pie

Thursdays (love the idea of a pizza night):
6 BLT pizza
13 taco pizza
20 regular (cheese) pizza
27 little ceasar's pizza

Fridays (Since I'm off the hook for cooking 3 of the 4 Fridays I decided to make it all simple.):
7 Work Party/ Ashby's Party
14 Ward Party
21 Pasta Roni/ Mac & Cheese
28 Armstrong Family Christmas

1 oven-baked french toast
8 Cheesy Vegetable Strata
15 Santa Fe Brunch bake
22 breakfast burritos
29 waffles

Sundays (I know Sunday is usually a day of nice meals, but I believe in keeping the workload simple on Sundays so that I don't have to spend my whole evening working on dinner and can rest. Besides that, during December, I'll probably need to bring Matt dinners at the church sometimes, and there are two weeks where I will be somewhere else in other wards.):
2 tortilla soup/ herb-cheese bread
9 leftovers/ eat at Matt's parents'
16 leftovers/ maybe eat at Robin's
23 leftovers
30 leftovers

It's nice to have that done.


Nancy said...

I'll be looking at this when I make January's calendar.

Christmas dinner looks entertaining.

And I like the idea of moving leftovers to Sundays...Andrew isn't home for dinner on Tuesdays which is why we do it then. I just can't bring myself to cook for one person!

Nancy said...

Oh, and BTW--

We use Jiffy pizza crust mix for our pizzas. It's like 50 cents or 75 cents or something at Macey's. You can find it in the same aisle as the hamburger helper stuff.

It makes pizza making SO much faster--5 minutes to homemade goodness!