Friday, November 30, 2007

December, as promised

Alright, here's our semi-plan for December's meals.

2: Omlettes
9: Fast Sunday! Meatloaf
16: Waffles
23: Ham
30: Scalloped potatoes

3: Burritos
10: Enchiladas
17: Quesadillas
24: Homemade Spaghetti (our Christmas tradition)
31: Perogies (our New Year's tradition)

MYOLO! Done and done! Except for the 25th. That's Christmas and we're hoping to be invited to one of our parents' houses...otherwise we probably will just have left overs or sandwiches or something. Who knows? There's still time.

5: Chicken a la King (last time I made this, it ended up more like Sweet and Sour...don't ask me how. I don't know)
12: BBQ Chicken
19: A pot pie of sorts
26: Stirfry

6: Pasta al forno
13: Lasagne
20: Pasta con pesto?
27: Southwestern Casserole

It's pizza night in Heissatopia!

1: Hot dogs with pork n' beans
8: Vegetable soup
15: Pineapple chili
22: Regular chili
29: Pita and falafel balls (hmmm...maybe we'll have that on Christmas...that sounds fun)

I'm also looking for a nice wassail recipe. Does anyone have a tried, tested, and true recipe they'd like to share? We want to make some for our Christmas Eve festivities.


Bonnie Parks said...

Nancy, I just wanted to remind you of the free dinners for this month. We have enrichment on the 5th and the ward party on the 14th. Granted, Andrew will still need to eat something the night you go to enrichment, but maybe you don't want to cook a whole big meal on a night when food is provided for you. I decided to get my calendar out before my cookbooks when planning the month's meals. Just a thought.

Nancy said...

Oooh yeah--I forgot about those. Thanks for reminding me :)