Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Menu

Here's my April menu:

Tuesdays (Beef):
1 - Abby makes dinner. (This is Jack's mom. She makes dinners for us in return for me watching Jack. I love it! Thanks Abby!)
8 - Southwest Tamale Pie
15 - Mostaccioli Beef Casserole
22 - Beef Stuffed Crescents
29 - Ground Beef Noodle Bake

Wednesdays (Mexican):
2 - Tortilla Scramble with Salsa
9 - Chili-Chicken Enchiladas
16 - Breakfast Nachos
23 - Arroz con Pollo
30 - Black and White Mexican Bean Soup

Thursdays (Random. I planned Thursdays last this time and this is what we got.):
3 - Smoked Sausage with Penne and Veggies
10 - Leftovers (or something)- Book Club is at our house that night so I will be too busy cleaning and getting treats ready to cook dinner.
17 - Chicken a la king - This is really reserved for some random night where whatever is planned doesn't happen. I just stuck it here. Let's be honest, I'm am quite flexible in this schedule.
24 - Something that somehow doesn't get made during the month. This always happens. Especially with Abby bringing meals.

Fridays (Chicken, Chicken, Chicken):
4 - Chicken Pasta Toss and Carrot Coins with Thyme
11 - Chicken Tortilla Bake
18 - Chicken Potpie (with a premade crust. I tried making the crust once and didn't enjoy the experience.)
25 - Chicken over curly noodles and garlic-cheese crescent rolls

Saturdays (Mostly this became prepared doughs night. The Simple and Delicious Magazine I got this month had a recipes-with-prepared-doughs contest. We love biscuits and crescent rolls, etc. so we are excited.):
5 - Fast food. (We are heading to my parents' house between afternoon session and Priesthood session of General Conference and will not have time for such silly things as home cooked meals.
12 - Spicey Chicken Bundles
19 - Pizza Loaf
26 - Ham and Cheese Loaf

Sundays (Minimal work night):
6 - Eat at my parents'
13 - Beef and three-bean chili
20 - Meal from Abby
27 - Meal from Abby

Mondays (Quick cooking night):
7 - Hot dog bean soup
14 - Breakfast pizza
21 - white chili
28 - Something we haven't done yet.

Wow that minimal work night followed by quick cooking night sure makes me sound lazy. Well, I'm honest, anyway. This month's recipes were primarily from Simple and Delicious for March and April 2008 and a new cool Mexican cookbook I found at Macey's (see Wednesdays' dinners.) Now I just have to get to the grocery store.

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Diana said...

You all inspired me. As soon as I read Nancy's menu I made my own. I like being able to read all of your menus too because it gives me ideas--and that is usually the reason that I don't make dinner because I have no clue what to make!