Wednesday, April 9, 2008

rhymes and songs for in the water and out! (Infant to schoolage!)

Being a swimming instructor for so many years, I have had the opportunity of teaching babies starting from six weeks old. Even if your area doesn't allow babies in the swimming pool (ahem Nancy) These are some little songs and poems that I have used in the pool and out!

"The Grand Old Duke of York"

The Grand Old Duke of York
He had Ten Thousand men
He marched them up to the top of the hill (lift baby up as high as you're comfortable)
And he marched them down again. (Lower baby)
And when they're up, they're up (Lift again)
And when they're down, they're down (lower)
And when they're only halfway up (in the middle)
They're neither up or down.

He marched them to the left
He marched them to the right
He marched them around and around and around (circles)
And he marched them out of sight (Hide your eyes, babies eyes, or if you're brave and in the water, go ahead and put them under. To do this safely with infants under two, count 1-2-3 do a sharp quick breath right in their face. This causes a reflex action in which they inhale and hold their breath. Then it is safe to dunk them (shallow dunk) under the water.)

"Rain" (a great bathtub rhyme)

Rain is falling down (trickle water from sponge or fingers onto baby)
SPLASH! (splash hand in water)
Rain is falling down
Pitter patter, pitter patter (lightly trickle)
Rain is falling down

"Ten Little Bubbles" (I use bubbles and a bubble blower for this in the tub, pool, or out! Each time bubble is mentioned, I blow bubbles with the bubble wand. Babies love this! To encourage bubble blowing in the pool, graduate to blowing right in the water - minus the bubble wand and bubbles!)

One little, Two little, Three little bubbles
Four little, Five little, Six little bubbles
Seven little, Eight little, Nine little bubbles
Ten little bubbles go SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! (or pop, pop, pop)

"If you're Happy and you Know It" (We all know the song, I'll give you the actions I use in the water)

Splash your hands
Kick your Feet
Put one ear in the water
Put the other ear in the water
Blow some bubbles
Put your face in the water
Shout Hurray!
Wave To Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa, whomever

My kids absolutely love this one, even now!

"We're going to Kentucky, (start turning a circle)
We're going to the fair (Turn the other way)
To see a Senorita with flowers in her hair
Oh Shake it baby shake it! (Wiggle gently while holding baby if little, or wiggle baby if bigger)
Shake it all you can
Rumba to the bottom (twist down)
Rumba to the top (twist back up)
Oh Rumba to the bottom
Rumba to the top
Rumba to the bottom until I holler STOP! (And cease all movement suddenly (I freeze and my kids would scream "again! again!" And away we'd go) )

"The Little Old Man"

A little old man flew up in space (lift child high)
And he got ice cream all over his face! (Look surprised and point to your face or theirs)
So wash him with a washcloth (pretend to wash face, or really do it if in tub)
Roll him in a rug (turn a circle or spin child in tub)
And tuck him in a towel, until he's Snug, Snug, Snug! (Hug tightly or really take them out of tub and wrap in a towel!)

I've got more songs and rhymes, including a great one to sing while getting dressed! If you're interested let me know!


Nancy Heiss said...

You forgot motor boat, motor boat and I'm a little pancake. Sniff, sniff. :)

Nancy Heiss said...

Here are the words for those...I forgot to post them:

Motor Boat, Motor Boat, go so slow (turn slowly in a circle)
Motor Boat, Motor Boat, go so fast (turn quickly in a circle)
Motor Boat, Motor Boat, step on the gas (turn as fast as you can in a circle--at the very end you can blow bubbles or go under water if you want)

And then

I'm a little pancake short and flat
I'm a little pancake on my back

Oh, no...I'm stuck...I can't remember the next line but it ends with, "Flip me over just like that."

Abra said...

I'm a little pancake on my back
I'm a little pancake short and flat
I'm a little pancake on my back
Flip me over just like that

Bonnie Parks said...

These songs are great! Thanks for posting. And I'd love to hear the other ones when you get the chance (well, read not hear).

Anonymous said...

those are cute

Anonymous said...

i know those are so cute