Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cute Dress for Sale

Rachel is running low on dresses so I went into Savers the other day to pick out a shirt to make one of those cute shirt-dresses for Rachel. Much to my dismay, every button-up shirt on the rack was between 4.99 and 5.99! How could that be! Apparently it's been much too long since I've gone into a secondhand store.

Now, I don't mind wearing hand-me-downs, not at all. In fact, I was raised wearing hand-me-downs. I just don't like paying for things that are well-worn or even slightly stained before I use them once. Hand-me-downs are much better if they are free, or cost under a dollar.

I don't need to buy a $5 shirt at a second hand store when I can buy a $5 shirt in the mall. In fact, one of the stores that I frequent (read: I've been to the mall like twice since Rachel's been born) has great sales going on all the time. They had a $5 jeans sale, they often have a 60% off rack, and last time I went in there they had a $1-3 rack. Brand new, never been used, perfect condition clothes that they just want to get out of there. The store is DEB, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, after perusing row upon row of shirts, hoping to stumble upon something for less than $5, I walked over to the baby section to see if they had any dresses there. I was again disappointed to find that everything was about $5 and up. In my mind $5 is not a good deal, it is my spending limit. I left the store empty handed.

Then for some reason, like trying to find my daughter a dress, I went onto and was pleasantly surprised to find a super cute dress for only $4! It ships for free to the store location of your choice, so we purchased two, one for this summer and one for next, and shipped them to our nearest Walmart. Two dresses for $8.54 and I didn't have to do any sewing!

Take that, Savers!


libby said...

This is why I love Mondays at Savers. The color of the week only costs 99cents!! And if only I could keep from buying other colors. Anyway, you can also buy their calendar for $1.99 and often get enough of a saving to make it worth your while that very visit if you snap up treasures like I do!

Nancy Heiss said...

So I need to go to Savers on Mondays. Good to know!