Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drool, snot and tears

Amy's crying in her crib right now because she wants to be asleep, but she's not. I was just rubbing her back and trying to help her calm down. She has a runny nose, and she and I keep going back and forth about whether or not she should suck on her binkie to help her calm down. I put it in; she pulls it out with drool and snot stringing between it and her face. Plus the tears running down her cheeks. To make matters worse, she got her shots today. She hasn't really seemed bothered by them before other than the initial pain if getting poked with needles. Today she has screamed more than normal though. Poor girl. I think she hurts. So sad!


Heather B. said...

On Tuesday Maggie got one shot, Prevnar( Pneumococcal Conjugate). She only gets one shot at a time, by choice. She was the same as Amy....the shots before have never bothered her but for some reason this one did. I am not one to drug my children but on that day I was thankful for Children's Motrin. She seems to be doing better now and her nose is still a fountain of snot which I think is partly die do to her tooth coming in on the bottom.

Joy said...

Rachel got her 2 month shots last week and screamed a lot too. It's days like that for which children's tylenol (or infant's)were invented.