Thursday, March 6, 2008

Free Chips and Cheese - Act Fast

So here is a awesome coupon for free chips. The only downer is the coupon expires really soon but the site allows you to print up to two. I took my two coupons and got a free bag at Walmart and then stopped at Target and got a free back there as well. There is also a link to A Full Cup that allows you to generate more then one coupon for cheese at Target. The coupon is for 50 cents off the purchase of two market pantry cheese packages (expiration date 3-8-08). You can print five, six, seven, eight or whatever number you want and then go to Targetand pick up the individually wrapped market pantry cheese packages. They are 24 cents a piece. That means that for every coupon you have you can get two free cheese sticks. I used both these coupons this week so now we have free chips and cheese. They do expire though at the end of the week so act fast.

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Krystal said...

ooh, I am so all over that! I found out yesterday that my chips went bad. Not stale, like rotten. it was weird, but very disgusting.