Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Veggie Tales

I just purchased 2 Veggie Tales DVDs. My grand total: $0!

Well, I had to pay for shipping, but it was still pretty cheap. We don't have a lot of children's movies so I figured since they were this cheap we should go for it.

Big Ideas has a lot of their DVDs on sale right now and then if you use the coupon code "wiz" $10 will be taken away from your total. I bought the two cheapest DVDs and so they were completely free (+ shipping and handling, which came to be about $4).

I think we will save Lyle the Kindly Viking for Rachel's birthday and The Star of Christmas for, well, Christmas, of course. They were each on sale for $4.95 (marked down from $14.99). There were a few more for that price, and quite a few more between $7-10. I thought it was a good deal, especially since the coupon meant it was completely free.


Bonnie Parks said...

I'm so excited you told us! We LOVE Veggie Tales!

Rosie said...

You did get a deal Nancy... I tried to go do it and while the coupon code works, I couldn't get it to work for the same 2 dvds that you did. It would only let me use it for "regularly priced" DVDs... those $14.95 or higher. I think they saw the orders for only shipping coming in a found a glitch in their coupon code. Still, not a bad deal (you could get one of the 3 in 1 bible stories DVDs for $5), but not nearly the steal you got!