Friday, March 28, 2008

New/Old food storage

Wednesday night we got a whole ton of food storage items from a couple in our ward who passed away a few months ago (their daughter still lives in the house and had the YM clean it out for their service acivity). The only problem I have with this situation is that some of the food is starting to get a bit old. I know some of you are much more in the know about food storage from the cannery than I am and maybe you can help me know if something is just too old. (My mom's advice was to just open one of all the cans and see if it's good or not, but that's a lot of effort and I don't want to store something in our apartment if it's not going to be useable...) So here's what I have:

Pinto beans (1993)
Salt (1993)
Rice (1993, 1999)
Fruit drink mix (1999)
Apple slices (1999)
Dry milk (1998)
Chocolate milk (hot chocolate) (1999)
Wheat (1998)
Sugar (1993)
Chopped onion (1999)
potato pearls (1998)
Rolled oats (1998)
Chocolate pudding (1998)

If you have any better advice about this food (there are over 40 cans all together) let me know please!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So, going off of the order form, it looks like the only cans you'll have to toss are the fruit drink mix and the cocoa mix. The info on the potato pearls and the chocolate pudding wasn't very clear, but if I were you, I'd toss those as well.

Bonnie Parks said...

Does it have anything on the provident living website that could help with this? Just an idea. I don't know.

Bonnie Parks said...

Alright so Kim and I had the same advice, only hers was more helpful. Cool.