Saturday, December 1, 2007

35,000 lights and 4,500 feet of extension cords

Last night, Taber and I loaded up the girls when we should have been putting them to bed and went to look at Christmas lights. I just wanted to get out and do something fun. These weren't your everyday string-a-light here, string-a-light there Christmas lights - these had become a life's purpose. If you want something to do that will put you in the Christmas spirit at once, you have to go check this house out in Pleasant Grove that has a computerized, veritable light show. They broadcast songs on 99.9 FM and the music and lights are synchronized. You can find more details at this website, like directions and hours. You won't be disappointed! Except if you go when it's raining, like we did. Then only about half the lights work.

There is a similar thing going on in Murray. His display, it appears, is a bit more...extravagant. 100,000 lights, and almost 2 miles of extension cords could do that. The director of the power company stops by every year. They're probably on a first-name basis. I'm excited to go see it soon!


Nancy said...

I'm so glad you told us about this. We're planning on going Christmas light looking soon :)

There's a cool house down by Novell (Orem) as well--the lights don't dance or anything, but there sure are a lot of them!

Just drive up there and you'll find it--it's kind of hard to miss!

The Buchanan's said...

That sounds like a great family activity and I am sure Ian will love it. Thanks for letting us know about it.

jakeb said...

does he do the christmas light installation himself? What area are they setup in orem, salt lake?christmas lights