Sunday, December 16, 2007


Tonight Matt told me that he would rather I dance with Amy (one of us always dances to lullabies with Amy as part of her bedtime routine) because he still had some things to do and he wanted to get to bed. Our DVD player that we listen to the lullabies in started acting wierd so he brought the laptop in to play the CD. And next thing I know he is lying on the bed looking at the computer. And what do you suppose is on the screen? The Mother's Lounge. He sarcastically told me that he doesn't know why I get carried away reading blogs; it's not like it's fun or anything. Which is his way of saying that if he let himself, he could get very carried away reading blogs. I just thought you would all like to know that there is a man who reads the Mother's Lounge. And he generally thinks it is enjoyable. Then again, I think it is silly for men who have children to be all wierd about the things women talk (dinner ideas, kids, diapers, silly stories, etc.).

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Andrew said...

It's okay Matt. I read it too :)