Wednesday, December 12, 2007

screamin' deals

I visit this webpage a lot: and read the info there. It's quite a good webpage, and I've learned a lot there. being a first time mom to be, I like finding information on pregnancy and birth and babies and all that stuff. One of the things I like about this page is the boards. They have boards for everything. I tend to visit the LDS board, and the Feb babies board. There's other pages there as well that I like to visit, but not as much. There's a bargin board, and a money saver's board and things like that (I'm always trying to find a way to cut back somewhere so we can pay for school)
I found this deal on there today, on the LDS board and I wanted to share it with everyone:

I just bought a stroller there for $99, that retails for $239. This stroller actually:
well, one of those strollers (the solo deluxe, and not in pink, it more of a dusty red/orange--they called it terra cotta). they were all on sale for $99!!! I love finding deals like that!! one down side--there is no return policy, although everything is new, but if it's damaged they'll help you get a replacement. So if it doesn't work out for us (like if I kick the wheels when I walk) I can resell it on ebay or kid to kid and still make my money back. That's pretty dang good I think!

I'm putting their webpage in my quick links bar. I like a good deal. I'll let you know how the stroller turns out. hope this can help someone else as well!!

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Krystal said...

oh yeah, for those of you who are outdoor junkies, check out: for good deals as well