Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My favorite highchairs

I am always on the lookout for baby/kid products that get rave reviews from mothers who I know...or who know people I know...or who belong to the same blog that I do :). So I'm going to tell you here about my two favorite highchairs, in case anyone is ever looking for a recommendation.

Highchair #1: The Chicco Travel Seat. The one we had was actually the lower model than the one pictured, but the concept is the same.

What I loved about it: Well, first you have to understand that both Jeremy and I are very against stand-alone highchairs. They have a large footprint, take up a lot of room, and don't store very efficiently. Also, we needed a high chair that we could take overseas if needed (and believe me, it was needed). My favorite things about this chair are that it is absolutely portable, it has a clean, smooth design, it looks nice at the table, and the entire seat comes off and can be washed in the washing machine (!!!).

Cons, if any: Miriam "grew out" of it at about 15 months. The weight limit is plenty high, but Miriam eventually did not like being trapped in a perch at the end of the table. She wanted to be in a chair like us. Which led to the purchase of...

Highchair #2: The First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat.

What I loved about it: Again, portability. This one compresses into a tight package with a handle, and we took it overseas without a problem. It functions as a nice booster seat, but with discreet straps for when the occupant gets wiggly.

Cons, if any: Well, I missed being able to throw the highchair into the washing machine. This one does clean nicely, it just takes a little more effort.

I am so glad we did not spend the money and waste the limited space in our home with a stand-alone highchair. I have not regretted either of these purchases for a moment and I would recommend them to anyone!


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing Bridget! I really think I'm going to get the second one...

I don't think the first one would work with our table...we have a hangy-downy part and I don't think we could attach it right.

But I do remember that you had that one in Jordan. I thought it was cool :)

Nancy said...

Just bought the second one today. We'll try it tomorrow. :)