Friday, December 7, 2007

Nancy's getting baptized!

So last night I had a dream that I was haning out with my extended family. Nancy was there too. At one point in the dream I was suddenly a missionary. And Nancy was not a member of the church. But I knew that she and Andrew had been going to church together for a long time. We started talking about the gospel, and Nancy said that she believed everything she learned. So we commited her to baptism. We came into the room where everyone else was and told them. Everyone was so surprised that the baptism was so soon (I was trained on the mission to encourage people to be baptuzed as soon as possible) and excited for Nancy. We decided that she should be baptized in Mesa which was really convenient because I have two friends who are marrying each other down there next month. So I thought I could go to the baptism and the wedding reception in the same trip. Funny dream.

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Nancy said...

I'm glad I was a feature character in your dream, although the one we should be worrying about here is Rachel. I saw the girl's records! She isn't baptized and would you believe she didn't pay a cent of tithing in the last year!