Friday, February 1, 2008


There is this cool (open source, free) program made by a Canadian Mormon. It's called Buddi. Andrew and I use that. Mostly Andrew uses it and I just give him receipts and the like. He does all the finances, which I like.

Andrew is way into it. He made the icon able to resize on a Mac (he didn't design it, he just "redrew" it to look exactly the same, which is kind of less cool, but cool nonetheless).

It has a budgeting tab and a tracking thing so you can see what percent of your spending is spent where, which really helps you decide where to trim your budget, etc.

Anyway, I don't know all that much about it...and we don't always shop that cheap. We just came back from grocery shopping and I think we spent about $100 (or $50 per week). Sometimes we just find great deals.

Andrew said that he will post a tutorial about it since he knows about it and I don't.


Krystal said...

ooh, I like the idea of having the percentage of where your money goes. . .I don't have that figured out in our budget yet

Bonnie Parks said...

Yet another way that Andrew and Matt are the same person. Matt is obsessed with our budgeting program. He loves finance stuff. Maybe that should have been his major. Oh well, too late now.

michelle said...

So I just downloaded Buddi, but I'm frustrated with setting up the budget. Isn't there some way to create budget amounts and have them apply to every month? Do I really have to fill it in every single month? I mean, you can choose "monthly" but it still only shows on one month, so I don't see the point of that. I think you'd better have Andrew post that tutorial! :)

Nancy said...

ah--Andrew is it automatically remembers it after a bit...I'll have to have him explain it. :)