Friday, February 1, 2008

February Food

Bonnie's so on top of things! Here I was thinking I was all cool for having finished our menu. I think I need to start incorporating some new ideas. I'm recycling way too much from our previous menus!

1- Pizza
2- "Groundhogs" in a blanket
3- Fast Sunday. We're banking on having dinner at one of our parents' houses
4- Enchiladas
6- Stroganoff on rice
7- Lasagna
8- Pizza
9- Meatloaf
10- Pancakes or Waffles
11- Taco Soup (from the freezer)
13- Rice and meatballs
14- Heart shaped pizza
15- Pizza (two nights in a row, I know. We love pizza)
16- Sub sandwiches
17- Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns
18- Fajitas
20- Sweet and Sour on rice
21- Fettuccine Alfredo
22- Pizza (Kelli's wedding so we might just want to eat and run...Little Ceasars?)
23- French Toast
24- Meat Loaf
25- Burritos
27- BBQ Chicken
28- Spaghetti
29- Pizza--perhaps in the shape of a frog to celebrate the leap year?

Happy Leap Year, by the way.

As for budgeting, Bonnie....I just have to say this because it was kind of thrilling. When we went up to pay for our groceries last month, it was $18 for the first two weeks in January. I was like "Boo-ya!" And we ate well, too!

We buy a LOT of storage when it is on sale. So like, if refried beans are on sale, we'll buy a whole case. We eat beans a lot. Now we have two cases under our bed and just shop from there.

When I was "nesting" I went on a food storage binge. We have a lot of it and we just keep using it up so all we ever buy now is like milk and veggies and a few other essentials, and other things as we run out.

I guess I should mention that the next two week period we spent almost $100 but we had a few pairs of shorts (for Andrew--the boy lives in shorts) and some flash drives, so really I guess only about $50 was spent on food.

I suppose it also helps that we're welcome to shop in my mom's food storage. :)

Now I'm just rambling, but I also wanted to mention that I hear you about wasting food! We're trying to work on this, too. I usually eat leftovers for lunch, but sometimes Andrew specifically asks me to save him something...and then he'll forget and won't eat it. It drives me crazy. Then I'll forget to eat things if they aren't in plain sight (curse those fridge drawers). So I really need to leave fruit on my counter, I guess. Anyway, let me know if you figure that out! :) It's a challenge!


Heather B. said...

I need you to teach me about budgeting because I have such a problem with it. I tried last month to spend only a certain amount of money & I went through it in the first 2 weeks. Any other suggestions on making a food budget work?

Crys said...

Wow Nancy that is really cheap. We do lots of beans and stuff like that as well and I buy in bulk when things are on sale but we spend close to $75 a week. Granted there are now four of us eating. That includes everything extra I buy like shampoo, and TP, clothes, diapers, and whatever else we need and we never get to shop in our parents pantries nor do we get to eat with our I guess I will try not to feel too horrible :) Good budgeting.

Rosie said...

my husband does the exact same same thing with saving leftovers then forgetting about them! Even more maddening, sometimes he'll take the leftovers I wanted up to school with him for lunch and STILL forget about them and i find them spoiled in his backpack three days later. Drives me insane! Anyway, Nancy I'm a friend of Bonnie's with a daughter a little older than Amy... I'd love to contribute here... could you add me? thanks!