Monday, February 11, 2008

My Favorite way to save on Food Money!

Free food that I don't have to cook!

I am so excited!

So are all of you excited and intrigued and begging that I would type more info?

National pancake day. Free short stack of pancakes (3). 7am to 10pm. IHOP. Here's a link:

Matt heard about this, and I wondered if it was a local thing, but apparently it's all over. So I hope you all have an IHOP nearby. And that you bring a book when you go. Something tells me that free pancake day will attract quite a few customers. Enjoy!


Bridget said...

Awesome! I was all excited about it until I remembered that we live in Tucson. I told my husband and he reminded me, "it will be jam-packed with homeless people. I'd rather pay on a different day than brave that mess."

Maybe the fact that it will be packed with homeless people shouldn't bother me, but it does. Maybe I have more shame than I used to.

Nancy said...

We tried going to that once...and ended up just going home hungry. The wait was incredibly long! But, if you have the time, it's probably worth the wait :)

Bonnie Parks said...

We went yesterday at about 7:30 am. No wait at all.
It was awesome. Matt was at work at 8:30 and that was after a stop at Krispy Kremes and dropping us off at home. We got lucky.

Nancy said...

Ah, well 7 in the morning will do that, I guess. :) We went after work! MISTAKE! :)

Glad you got some yummy breakfast.

Rob and Marseille said...

Speaking of saving money: Maceys has kelloggs cereal $1 a box!!! You have to buy it in increments of 4. They have a $4 off coupon on the boxes (make sure atleast one out of four do) and they have $4 off coupons at the register (or in the ad). $8 off makes them $1 each. I bought 16 boxes. I love stocking up!! Good through Saturday.