Saturday, February 2, 2008

What the Buchanan's are Eating this month

It took me awhile to figure out what to plan for meals this month. I sat in front of my food shelves in the garage and tried to come up with meals that I already had things for so I could stick to my food budget better. Here is our menu for the month

3 - Superbowl Party at friends house
10 - Sweet & Sour Crockpot Chicken with Rice
17 - Swiss Steak
24 - Chicken a la Orange with Rice

4 - Steak & Onions
11 - Leftovers
18 - Potato Casserole
25 - Leftovers

5 - Spaghetti
12 - Manicotti
19 - Fetticini
26 - Spaghetti again

6 - Enchiladas
13 - Leftovers
20 - Quesadillas
27 - Tacos

7 - Eggs & Hashbrowns
14 - French Toast
21 - Pancakes
28 - Make-up Day

8 - Subs
15 - Sloppy Joes
22 - Chef Salad
29 - Subs

2 - Used a Christmas Gift and got take out from Applebee's
9 - Celebrating Valentine's Day early and eating at the Melting Pot
16 - Pizza
23 - Pizza

I hope this menu works and if all goes well I really won't have to buy a whole lot of groceries because I pretty much have everything already.

Some of you have wrote about making your meat stretch buy having vegetarian meals. I have such a hard time with doing that because I don't like most of vegetables, so most of our meals have meat in them. Since I have a huge deep freezer in my garage I have the space to stock up on meats and I try to do that when a store is having a good deal on chicken or beef.

I like reading everyone suggestions on keeping to food budget. Thanks to all gave ideas!!!!

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