Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why I am in my Pajamas at 1:00

Not like you need an excuse. I love pajamas. But I have a really good one today. It starts last night.

As soon as Matt got home from work we scarfed down dinner (which I pulled out of the oven just after he arrived like magic.) Then we hurriedly got Amy and ourselves ready and went to a BYU basketball game for an elders' quorum activity. (I know, I'm not in elders' quorum, but Matt wanted me to come, and they said elders could bring their wives.) It was time for Amy's evening nap so I put her in her swaddle blanket before her car seat. As I suspected she would, Amy fell asleep on the way to the game. So I got her out and carried her into the Marriott Center rather than bother with her stroller. She still woke up by the time we got in there. But she was happy the whole time at the game. She would startle when loud cheers broke out. She only "cried" twice which was really just a pout with noise that you couldn't hear over the noise of the game. Combined crying time was less than 30 seconds which is incredible since she basically skipped an evening nap. We were so proud.

Once in the car after the game, we waited a while rather than fighting traffic. Amy fell asleep then too without so much as a cry. How bad I felt when we got home and had to get her out of her carseat to take off her coat so she wouldn't fry in the night! She didn't mind. She decided to play with Daddy for a little while before she went back to bed. So it was almost 11 when she was out for the night. What an amazing baby! We had a very sleepy scripture study and finally conked around midnight. We were both exhausted.

Then . . .

Amy woke up at 6 this morning and decided she wanted to stay awake after I fed her. That's early for her. I didn't mind. In fact I got motivated and cleaned a little and pumped after feeding her, etc. etc. When I put her down for a nap at 7:15ish, I made breakfast. Then Jack came. He's my great-nephew who I watch a few times a week. Jack was asleep soon after his mom left him. So I left Amy (who woke up after only 45 minutes or so) with Matt who was getting ready for work and went back to sleep around 8. When Matt left, Amy was playing quietly in her bouncy chair and Jack and I were sleeping. Wonderful. Until 10. Aren't they great babies!

Then Amy wanted to eat and play for a while. I thought she would need more nap time by then. But she wanted to play. Then she started getting cranky. So I swaddled her and put her in her crib. For a while she talked to herself. I decided I was ready to finally eat some breakfast. I put my waffle in and got it out in time for Jack to start crying. Quick potty break, and then Jack would not be ignored. While I was feeding Jack, Amy lost it. She was screaming so hard. But what could I do? I was feeding Jack.

As soon as he was done, I put him down and went to eat breakfast. I'm cruel, I know. Amy was still screaming. However, I was afraid she might need me for quite a while and that Jack would start needing me too. If I didn't eat something, I was not going to be strong enough to take care of them.

So here I am eating with background music of two screaming babies. (Yes, Jack started crying because I put him down when he was awake.) When I finished I checked on Jack to make sure he was going to make it and then headed to Amy who had the bigger need. To my relief, Jack had fallen asleep again.

Amy on the other hand was VERY angry. She had cried and drooled so much and with a yucky nose that there was a rather large wet spot on her sheet and boogers on her face. (Sorry it's graphic.) I tried just giving her a binkie. No go. So I gave in and nursed her. She fell asleep! Yay! She started crying soon after, but I took a shower anyway. By the time I was out, she was sleep again. And she still is! So both babies have gotten great naps and are still sleeping.

Anyway, when I got out of the shower, I realized that the morning escapade could repeat itself, and if it did I wanted to be well rested. So I put on pajamas and grabbed a book and climbed into bed. I got to sleep for more than an hour. I know this is starting to sound like I am lazy and selfish, but remember I only slept 6 hours last night and have listened to Amy scream quite a bit more than normal this morning. She spoils me. I don't normally hear very much of that. So today took its toll.

So that's my story. And at this point, why get out of my pajamas?


Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

wow... are you super woman? =) You can already handle two, and let me tell you, nothing scares me more than two!

Heather B. said...

I am often in PJ's most days. I usually only get dressed if I have somewhere to go!

Krystal said...

I'm the same way at heather! Why get out of pj's if I'm not going anywhere? Besides, I sit in bed with a sleeping or feeding baby most of the day anyway, just not worth it to get out of pj's.

I don't blame you one bit. :)