Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Desperately Hungry

This post could have any number of titles, really. "I shouldn't have washed the sheets yesterday," or "Sudden Reflux Disorder," or "How do I know when I should take my baby in to see the doctor?"

I almost did call the doctor this morning. I said to myself, "If she does this again, I'm calling the doctor." She hasn't done it again though, and she's sleeping peacefully so I think she'll be okay.

It started at around 4:00 this morning when Rachel woke up crying. I went in to comfort her and she was acting hungry, so I brought her in bed with us and fed her. She had just fallen back to sleep and was busy snuggling up against me, trying to get comfortable, when she started coughing. I was stroking her head and telling her that everything was going to be alright when I saw a big white cloud form right above us. No sooner had I seen it than it rained down on us, completely drenching me, Rachel, and my nice, clean sheets.

My yelping and, "Oh, no! Baby!" woke Andrew up and he help dry me and Rachel off and got her some fresh pyjamas while I got changed, myself. I had to lay a towel down to cover up the big milk stain the was covering my side of the bed.

Eventually we all got settled in and slept well until seven or eight. I can't even remember when we woke up. Is that sad or what?

Andrew brought Rachel in to me and I started feeding her. She started acting like she had to go potty so we interrupted breakfast and she had a little potty time. She's so funny when she goes pee--it always takes her a bit by surprise. She'll start going and then turn around to look at me with this quizzical look on her face. I say, "You're peeing...that's pee pee," which she'll accept as a logical enough explanation and will turn back around. She understands BMs a whole lot better, probably because she has to do a little pushing so whether it happens in the potty or the diaper it feels the same (except the degree of squishiness after, in which case she prefers the potty).

Anyway, we successfully went potty and I laid Rachel down on her little mat so that I could empty the potty and wash my hands. While I was doing so I heard her ravenously sucking away at something. Expecting her to be sucking on her hand or foot, I turned around to see what she was up to.

She had flipped onto her stomach and was latched onto the floor! She had a nice clean seal, with her lips suctioned perfectly to the floor, and was sucking away. I didn't think that would be possible, but apparently it is if you're really hungry, which Rachel was so we went back to bed to finish giving her her breakfast.

After she had finished eating she looked at me, completely satisfied, and then started to drift off for her usual post-feeding shuteye, a slight smile gracing her face. Her relaxation was again interrupted by a coughing fit and, lucky for me, because she had just finished eating I was directly in her line of fire.

Cough, cough, BLAH!

She vomited up the entirety of her breakfast all over me, herself, and the towel that I had covering up the previous mess.

So Andrew ran into the bedroom and helped change Rachel while I changed myself...again. My third outfit of the day by 8 AM. I told Andrew, "If she does this again I'm going to call the doctor." I'm so worried that she'll get dehydrated or something but don't want to be one of those overreacting mothers.

As soon as she was back in my arms she wanted to eat again; she was still hungry, having missed out on two feedings already. It's been about a half hour since she ate and she's coughed a few times and has kept everything in her tummy, so I think she'll be alright. I hope she gets over this soon!


Bonnie Parks said...

so sad!

Krystal said...

that sounds like katryn! only I haven't even had the benefit of a cough as a forewarning, it just comes out all over us--and yes, the bed as well (because we don't really leave the bed yet, it's too comfy)

I hope Rachael's not sick!

Nancy said...

She is sick--that's why she's spitting up so violently, because of the cough.

And you know, I slept with a burp cloth on my side of the bed, under me and Rachel, to catch leakage and spit ups for the longest time. It helped keep the sheets cleaner a little longer. We've since grown out of that stage, but apparently we're having a relapse. :)

Crys said...

Nancy it really is so hard to know when to go to the doctor. Sometimes you go and they say, "Look it is just the flu and it's byproducts. Your kid will get over it." Other times you go and it is way worse. The hard part is going when there is nothing they can do and feeling like an idiot. This I totally understand. As for the dehydration there is a good chance she is keeping some of the stuff you are feeding her down even if it doesn't look like it. Keep breastfeeding her. Breast milk is the best thing for her and check her hands regularly. Just pinch the skin up a bit...not to hurt :) If the skin on her hands stays up she is dehydrate. If it goes back down she is still getting some of the liquids she needs. GOOD LUCK! Hope all gets better in your house soon.

Bridget said...

You can give her a cough suppressant - dextrothromorphan or something like that. That will calm the tickle cough reflex that is making her gag.

Don't freak out - the no cold medicine thing is only if you're planning on overdosing. :)

At least that's my opinion.