Monday, January 28, 2008

Kids, Cats, Bunnies oh my!

It's cold outside, minus 45 right now actually. The kids are climbing the walls and I'm about to lose control. So, instead of screaming and yelling, I decided to turn my attention to a quieter, more organized form of venting. So here I am!
I'm frustrated because we have two adorable cats, Zamba, and Roman. Zamba I rescued two years ago almost on July 1st, Canada Day. In the midst of tractor pulls and lawnmower races, a woman in a motorhome was giving away free kittens. I couldn't resist. I brought Roman into the home last August. Here's the thing. Zamba detests Roman. Won't have anything to do with him (which suits me just fine since I've had both for almost a year and thus far have not had any kittens!) The trouble is she's started to not use the litter box. I think because he has probably marked it. Instead, she's been using either my closet (gross) or the basement as her own personal bathrooms. Frustrated, I went out and bought her a litter box just for her. Sadly, if she doesn't use it soon, I have to get rid of her. This makes me very sad. So I'm in the middle of putting her in the upstairs bathroom (where her new litter box is, away from Roman's) when I hear peals of laughter coming downstairs. This is never good. Laughter is good, outright hysterics, not so much in my household. I come downstairs to find Deklan and Malachi have a hold of Wilson, our beautiful Broken Back Pearl Lop Eared Rabbit. This in itself is not a bad thing, the bunny loves the kids and loves to play and moreso, be petted. However, in Deklan's hand is a bottle of Flourescent Orange Halloween Hairspray. My beautiful Broken Back Pearl coloured bunny is now flourescent orange. Not so cool.
The bunny, for the most part is cleaned off, Zamba, is still in the bathroom, and my kids are now playing a wild game of sorts in their bedrooms, where I'm sure when I go up I'll find have been turned upside down and inside out...
PLEASE PLEASE let it be SUMMER soon!


Nancy said...

Not to rub it in...but our low today was like -8 C. Yeah. Rachel and I went on a nice walk this morning when it was soooo nice out. And then all of a sudden it got cold and windy and gross.

You'll have to put up some pictures of Wilson. :)

The Buchanan's said...

I here ya about wanting summer to come. It is not as cold here as it is in Canada but I still am done with the snow and am dying for spring & summer to come. I grew up in California so I prefer the warmth over the cold. Living here in Utah for 12 years still hasn't made me like the snow one bit.