Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My New Year's Resolution....

I totally appreciate everyone who posts their meal plans... I'm not that organized... I have no idea what's for dinner tonight even! It's crazy having such a hectic working schedule... (I work two jobs and have a busy family with three crazy wonderful children)
One of my resolutions for this year was to get a handle on my house cleaning (I can always throw together a meal of some sort I figure.) What I really needed to do was get more organized in my cleaning. In the past I've had lists, charts etc... All of which seem too overwhelming at times and shortly goes out the window. The last few months, things have really piled up and I've been feeling very overwhelmed with it all. So I made this simple little chart for myself. This one, I think I can keep up with....

Mopping (and sweeping) the floors, Mirrors, and Vacuuming (kind of goes along with Mopping...)

TSM, and TSM.... (Toilets, sinks mirrors, and Tidy, sweep and mop if needed)

Walls (I pick a set of walls ie: Stairway, or Bathroom walls...) and Washing (see laundry) and Windows

Thursday: TSM and TSM

FUN DAY! PICK A CHORE YAY! (hahaha, this is where I've put eight different chores that don't need to be done weekly into a jar and pick one!
The eight I've picked are:
1. Clean garage
2. Clean storage area
3. Clean fridge and microwave (gasp Nancy I actually put it on my cleaning list)
4. Wash baseboards
5. Wash light fixtures
6. Piper's Bedroom
7. Boy's Bedroom
8. My Bedroom

Stairs, Sweep and Mop, Dust, Stove


By associating the chores with the first letter of the day their supposed to be done... I just might be able to keep this one going...!

By the way, I love the Cheese Chowder Recipe... I've been wanting a good chowder one and this sounds really yummy thank you!



Nancy said...

I might give this a try... :)

And you're really going to clean your microwave?!? Wow...I think that in the whole 10 years you've been out of the house mom, Patrick, or I have cleaned it for you. :)

Abra said...

Not true! I cleaned it once before mom came to visit and then she didn't have to!

Krystal said...

That's awesome, linking the letters together!