Friday, January 18, 2008

Immunity of steel

Does anyone else feel like they were dealt the sick card while their husband always seems to be able to discard that one? I swear, I've been sick since Christmas, with it all coming to a head with a pretty nasty sinus infection this week. I've been through a sore throat, a bad cough, congestion, achiness - the whole nine yards. Meanwhile, Taber has been the picture of perfect health. I am mostly astonished that even though being surrounded by all those germs, he's been able to avoid getting sick. I mean, we sleep in the same bed and we kiss. You can't tell me he wasn't exposed to the same germs that made me sick. This has led me to wonder why this could be.

1) Heavenly Father planned it that way. He knew it would be the husband (more often than not) that would have to go out and work to make a living for his family so he couldn't be getting sick all the time and missing said work. On the other hand, the wife would be at home (more often than not) so would be able to rest and recover more effectively than the husband (even though it's not very easy to recover while tending to the needs of another human being). I say "more often than not" because I know there are househusbands and working wives. In which case I would wonder if the immunities are switched?


2) Women get sick more often because they are (more often than not) wearing themselves out by caring for other people rather than tending to their own needs. Men out there, this is not to say that you don't work hard. Just in general, I think women tend to lack in the sleep department more than their counterparts. And I heard this week that fatigue basically invites sickness.

What are your thoughts? Who gets sick most often in your house? Have you noticed this trend in your marriage as well, or are we just a singular case? If it is the same in your house, why do you think this is?


Crys said...

There are studies that have been done that show that we as mothers pass more germs then we realize. I think it's because we are the ones that are with the kids the most and touch the icky germ things, like shopping carts, playground equipment, the telephone, etc. I know I think I wash my hands a lot but I've noticed my husband does more often and the truth is I should probably do it three times more often then he does. Also we are more likely to share food with our children.

Bonnie Parks said...

Kim, are the kids doing better? Do you need me to take them for a while so you can get a good nap? I'd be happy to. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the offer. I would've taken you up on it yesterday. But now that the drugs are working their magic, I actually feel a whole lot better. Here's to modern medecine!

Nancy said...

I think the answer is b. Again, not that the men purposefully aren't caring, just that it's more natural for women to be.

I always wake up tired. Andrew usually wakes up feeling refreshed. Why? Because I wake up to every little noise Rachel makes. Every time she cries out or grunts or rolls over, I wake up. He sleeps right on through it.

At the most, I've only ever gotten 2 consecutive hours of sleep since a few months before Rachel was born. :) I'd say we're all sleep-starved.

Anyway, did you at least want some dinner tonight?

We're having pizza and it would be no trouble to make twice as much...or we could whip up some soup. Let me know! (If you don't, I'll call you...maybe I'll just do that anyway).

Anonymous said...

Good point, Crys. That had never dawned on me. Of course. We are in more germy situations because of our daily activities than our husbands. Following that same logic, I wonder how often doctors get sick. But I guess they are pros at washing their hands. In one appointment with our doctor, I see him wash his hands, at the very minimum, twice. Can you imagine how dry your hands would be - he probably washes his hands at least 100 times a day!

The Buchanan's said...

I hear you Kim....I have not been feeling good either. I have a nasty sinus infection. So, I am sick and can't breathe, Maggie has RSV, Ian has had the flu with diarrhea and Jared hasn't been sick at all, not even the sniffles. It's not fair that me and the kids are sick and he isn't. I am just waiting for him to come down with something too!!!

I would offer to help you out with your girls but I don't think we want to share our sick germs with each other.

Anonymous said...

That is very kind of you to offer, but me not cooking gives Taber an opportunity to express his inner chef. :) Which tonight meant ordering pizza. I appreciate the sentiment though.

Yes, while it's not fair that we're the ones sick, it's better that we're the only ones sick. Imagine if our husbands got sick along with us. That would be horrible! At least there is someone to carry on normal life. And what, a germ fest doesn't sound fun to you? Have you gone to see a doctor about your sinus woes?

Rob and Marseille said...

I've noticed in my life I get sick in spurts. When I'm sick, I know I"ll be sick for a while. It seems like I get sick more than my husband, but maybe I just have a hard time thinking about his needs when I'm sick. He works at the MTC, so he is around tons of people with tons of germs. He got a flu shot this year. Christopher (almost 3) and I didn't. We both are fighting a cold (I have no voice-that's hard with a kid), but my sickness seems worse to me.