Monday, January 28, 2008

Linen Closet Solutions

Andrew's always sending me little homemaking tips that he reads about on LifeHacker.

He'll send me easy bread recipes (I do actually want to try to make bread some time) and organization ideas and cleaning tips and a lot of other things. He usually tacks his own little note on at the end of his message. Something like, "This would be cool."

I suppose I could take his little "hints" in one of two ways.

The first could be translated as this, "It would be cool if you actually cleaned something." That has the potential to create hard feelings though and I don't think that he means it that way.

The second is more like this, "You're a hardworking stay-at-home mom and I think this would make your life easier. That would be cool." Making my life easier is always cool with me and this way my feelings don't get hurt, so I'll take it this way.

Today's tip is one that I haven't tried yet. It sounds like a good idea though, so I'll share. I'm just in no hurry to sort through all of my sheets and actually do this. I suppose I will do it as occasion arises. Usually when I wash the sheets I just dry them and put them directly back on the bed...but the idea is that when you take the sheets out of the dryer you fold them up and put them inside one of the pillowcases in order to keep the whole set together. That way you have a nice little package in your linen closet instead of letting the pillow cases and sheets drift apart.

And while we're in the linen closet, my friend, Crys, just posted about rolling her towels instead of folding them...I just tried it because my linen closet is, also, always a disaster. I can now fit twice as many towels in. Seriously, where I had two I now have four. It worked wonderfully.

I often do that with my burp cloths so I don't know why I didn't think of doing it with towels. I guess just because my mom folded her towels, so naturally I had to fold mine, too.


The Buchanan's said...

I like the idea about the sheets. I will have to try it. I roll my towels too. We did that when I growing up and I thought everyone folded their towels like that until I went to college and found out that was not the case. There were a lot of things I thought were normal things to do because that was just the way my family did it and I thought everyone did it too, boy was I wrong!!!

Krystal said...

I fold my sheets up like that and I love it! Then I can even have matt go get me another set of sheets, and he comes back with all the pieces. :) I haven't tried the towel rolling, but I think I will

Joe said...

There are no solutions for the current state of my closets. My tax refund was sizeable this year and I put it aside to redo my closets, but rather than just buying some premade shelves, I think that I am going to have a closet solutions specialist come in and pimp out my closet. That's a good idea for a new HGTV or Style Network show, 'Pimp My Closets." And for the record, dads are interested in these things too!