Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Motherhood is made of...

I find it curious that I now find getting through the day wearing the same outfit rather empowering. Getting Rachel through the day in the same outfit feels like I've been blessed with a miracle. I rate the successfulness of my days on how many times we make it to the potty, how many Cheerios we can put in our mouth, and on how long we nap for.

This is kind of a big change for me. Oddly enough, before Rachel came along none of these things really had any meaning for me.

I realized today that my day isn't successful based on how good the day went. Rather it is successful based on how I handle the crazy situations, like this evening while I was trying to make dinner.

Rachel was playing happily in the other room (miracle of miracles) and I had just gotten things really sizzling on the stove. That's when I heard the tell-tale sounds of a blow-out. I left the stove and checked on Rachel just to make sure it was what I thought it was. Sometimes she tricks me out.

Sure enough this was the biggest leak since New Orleans! It was up the back, up the front, up the sides... (I didn't take any pictures; I'm sure that you are all really sad about that).

I ran to the stove, threw some water on the rice that I had been frying, turned down the burner, and turned on the microwave in less than two seconds before I scooped Rachel up and balanced her precariously in my hands, trying not to touch any part of her messiness. On the way to the changing pad I took off her pants and socks and unsnapped her onesie. I peeled the onesie off without getting anything in her hair, amazing since she had leaked all the way up to her shoulder blades.

I got her scrubbed down, rediapered and playing happily then scrubbed out her onesie all before the meat had finished defrosting in the microwave. I didn't even burn dinner.

So I guess it isn't all about the little daily triumphs as much as it is about trumping the challenges that defines motherhood. And there certainly are plenty of those.


Krystal said...

wow! that's some awesome skill, I can't wait until I have that power! shoot, I could use it now with how often this girl throws up. Currently I'm still trying to nursing down to me holding her while I get ready for it, instead of laying her down, getting ready, then picking her up to feed. I hope I have it figured out before I take her our in public! and I haven't even attempted to use a nursing cover yet. . .someday

Nancy said...

Don't worry, Krystal. It gets better! I don't know that you read all about our nursing woes, but woes they were, indeed.

We didn't really get it down until 3 months into nursing...and we didn't try in public until she was a few weeks old.

Give it at least 2 months--that's the advice I was given and I now pass it on to you!