Friday, January 11, 2008

Poopy Day

I'm on my third outfit for the day. Sometimes I just don't know where these things come from.

I was sitting at the computer helping Andrew test a website he's making. Rachel was sitting on my lap because she wasn't happy any where else.

Here's our conversation:

3:00 PM Andrew: [gives me the test URL]
Try registering for your mom
Here's a credit card for you:
[gives me fake credit card number]
Exp 1212

5 minutes
3:05 PM me: ahhh!
Andrew: What?
3:06 PM me: poooooooooooooop!

And then I sent him these pictures. Weird that I took pictures--technically I first changed Rachel and wiped down her legs. She had poop dripping off her heels. Gross, I know; I was sitting in it after all.

3:10 PM How do these things happen to me?!?
There was NIENTE in her diaper!
Andrew: How does she poop like that?!
me: No NOISE
just wetness
3:11 PM I looked to see if she had peed and...yucky!
she did it this morning on my other pair of jeans
not quite so extreme though
3:14 PM Andrew: Yucky

Yes, Abra, those are your jeans. Sorry.

I really haven't quite figured out how to catch this kind of poop. It comes out of no where, like Rachel wants to pull a fast one on me or something.

"Oh, so you're so happy that I've only peed in one diaper so far today and everything else went in the potty? Well watch this!"

And without grunting or complaining or making any noise at all I suddenly find myself absolutely covered in baby mess.

This is one of the less enjoyable things about motherhood, but I suppose all the kisses and giggles and cuddles and that look of joy when she first sees me in the morning makes things like this all worth it.

Let's hear a "Hip, hip, hooray!" for Lysol wipes!


Abra said...

I'm not going to lie... that's disgusting...

Bonnie Parks said...

I was just picturing Rachel doing that to Matt or me yesterday or some other unsuspecting ward member so anxious to hold your adorable baby. (Or anyone else's adorable baby for that matter. I'm sure any of them could have done it.) Frankly, I'm glad that didn't happen. That is rather gross, I agree. Definately not the most fun part of having a little one. And I don't love doing the laundry after things like that.